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Piston rings, cylinder liners, pistons
Production of engine parts


The Company was founded in 1965. Company founder was h.q. master Milorad Crnobrnja, master works by one of the best masters who grow from the GSP School, then the most popular middle school. It was a generation 1947/1948 year. His knowledge in Metalostrugarska skills was almost absolute. On turner, as the most universal machine, he could do what now masters of the so-called vocational education need several machines. We, who had the honor and happiness, to learn from him the secrets of this craft, as well as dozens of his students, later top chefs; we hold a kind of wall to the global economy, the single production. Highly serial production of all, led to disorders in relationship man and quality which inevitably led to a crisis in a broader sense, the consequences of which have yet to feel it all. In addition to top chefs, engineers and other professional associates, the company has significantly large fleet of vehicles, which may at any time to respond to any technological application in these areas. Of the most important professional recognition over time, single out three:

1) 1984. Company Quality Certificate No: 12/68 of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, for making piston rings.


2) 2002. Of “JUGOREGISTRA” We received confirmation ON THE GRANT COMPANY No. : 40-090181

3) 2002. Of V.J. we have received Solution on quality No: 118-18 with permission from the adoption of our spare parts in weapons and military equipment.

This solution is recognition of the making of pistons and rings for the marine engine PIELSTICK 12 PA 4V, which has 3300 hp.



Like “The decision confirms the quality of the Navy Army Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. 


Sales Manager
Stevan Crnobrnja
Head Office 56 Vojvode Stepe 11000 Belgrade Serbia Europe

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Sales Manager LLB/LP.Mr.Stevan Crnobrnja
Head Office 56 Vojvode Stepe 11000 Belgrade Serbia Europe Mob: +61 407 68 60 67 E-mail:
Skype: stevan.crno
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